Friday, January 23, 2009


Hi. Do you miss me yet?

Just wanted to pass along a couple items of note. If you've been missing my ugly mug, you can see it at 8 p.m. on NewsNight with Jim Braude on NECN for the weekly news quiz. I'm a little apprehensive since I haven't been keeping tabs on non-city-related news like I used to, but hope to bring the noise to Newton.

Secondly, I'm happy to announce my Blogging Hiatus Party has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 3 at 8 p.m. at the Alchemist Lounge in Jamaica Plain. The owners of the bar have kindly offered to reserve a section of the bar for us, so we must repay them by drinking their beer and snacking on their foodstuffs. I want all of you to come—journalists, bloggers, readers, friends, politicos, random hobos—and celebrate my new job while lamenting the lack of content on this and other Boston-area blogs. If something changes, I'll let you know.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gone Communicatin'

So. That happened.

As you may know, I've got a new gig communicating for City Council President Mike Ross. Since shortly after my unfortunate layoff, I've been doing some consulting for him, and it turned into a full-time position. Which is great news for my bank account, but less than stellar for pasquinade.

I love blogging. I relish reading your comments. Yes, even the nasty ones. Although my family is less than thrilled by my willingness to talk about my life here (my mother still prefaces some statements with "don't blog this"), I've really enjoyed oversharing with strangers. When I was making textbooks or acting as my own media personality, that was appropriate. Now that I'm representing a politician, it's less so.

This means pasquinade will largely go un-updated for a while. I'm under contract to write for for a while longer, so you'll see my sports-related thoughts there. When I'm officially done, I'm hoping to have a Blogging Hiatus party at a location to be named later to thank you all for reading. (By gracing you with my presence, that is. I was unemployed, remember. I can't afford open bar or snacks.)

With all the challenges facing Boston, this gig will be an interesting adventure. I hope you'll keep tabs on what's coming out of City Hall in the next few months, and I'll be talking to you soon.