Thursday, August 02, 2007

We're Doing a Special for Dateline NBC. . .

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Now, if we could talk about me for a minute. . .

My love for Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC (that's the name on his birth certificate) grows exponentially with every episode in which he appears. Last night, CHfDNBC took the night off from nabbing pedophiles and identity thieves to nab i-Jackers, the hip name for people who steal iPods.

Through some ingenious plan, NBC laid boxed iPods in various areas around the country with a bogus CD that sent personal information to Dateline's producers, who then corralled the thieves/unsuspecting recipients of the iPods into describing why they would do such a thing. Most of the iPods were stolen by teenagers (hey, pedophiles, there's your new in!) who were immediately repentant when confronted with Hansen's brand of scolding disbelief.

The only reason I can fathom for Hansen not getting the shit kicked out of him by some angry pedophile or iPod theif is that brand of fatherly anger. His voice conveys, "I am both disgusted by you and disappointed in you" which is a pretty paralyzing combination. I am not a pedophile nor an identity thief nor an iPod stealer, and I feel bad about everything I've ever done wrong in my life when Hansen gets going. His poor kids.

Now they need a special where a pedophile carrying a stolen iPod and a fistful of stolen credit cards with thousands of dollars if receipts shows up. That is what they in the business call PAYDIRT.

For those of you who aren't in the know, here is infamous Naked Guy. Enjoy.

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Beth said...

i've never seen this show, but i know that if i saw a brand new iPod just laying around in a box somewhere outside of a store, with no information whatsoever about who it belonged to or where it came from, the last thing on my mind would be leaving it right where it lay. you don't pass over $20 if you find it on the ground. if you find an ipod in a public place, a brand new one that clearly doesn't belong to someone (as opposed to one on someone else's property or in a store), what are you going to do, go to the nearest best buy and turn it in? for real?

and the bogus CD that sent personal information to a third party? how is that even legal?

maybe i'm missing something here, but how can they literally lay bait for people and then trap them like that? and what does it accomplish? if it wasn't sitting in a store or on someone's property, then someone who happened to find it didn't commit a crime by keeping it, and i can't see how embarrassing people who thought they got a lucky windfall on national TV will do anything to prevent actual thefts. i have to say i don't get it.