Friday, October 20, 2006

Might As Well Face It

The internets are addicting.

The study suggests the Internet has irresistible and dangerous attraction, similar to that caused by other forms of addiction.

They said net junkies are like other kinds of addicts in that they neglect work, school, families and sleep to get an online fix.

Oh man. It's true! I'm at work, and I can't stop checking my email. So now I'm an alcoholic and an internet junkie? Someday I'll be neglecting my husband (who I doubtlessly met online) because I'm busy checking MySpace for old roommates? I'll lose my job, my kids, and spend my days squatting outside independent coffee shops to use the free WiFi to check and see if I won that auction on eBay? My mother will be so disappointed in me when she gets back from her vacation with friends she met from the internet.

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