Friday, October 06, 2006

Open Letter

Dear Jon Stewart,

Hi. My name is Amy. You may know me from such places as the internet and me haunting your dreams with my dorky, loudmouthed, liberal beauty. I know you're married and all, and I saw a picture of you with your family in the park in Us Weekly and it was very cute. I'm not writing to try and wreck a happy home with cute babies in it. I don't play that. But I would like to tell you that I love you. Platonically. Mostly.

Since I can't afford cable, I've been missing out on my Stewart/Colbert Power Hour of Fun, and that makes me sad. I know you're in Boston tonight, but I can't come see your show for the same reason I can't afford cable (no dinero). Instead, I'm going to the movies. But I'll be in the same neighborhood you'll be in, and I'll probably get out of the movie right around the time you end your show. So if you want to grab a drink or something, maybe talk politics and whether or not the Daily Show is hiring mad talented writers, drop me an email. Link's on the sidebar. Hope to hear from you.


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