Thursday, October 05, 2006

What a Way to Make a Living

Today finds me less dead, but still not feeling great. It's really great to hear some variant of "you look/sound like crap" for four days straight. Really.

Anyway. I have this big post in mind about the nature of forgiveness in the light of all the hubbub about the Amish community forgiving the gunman who shot their daughters, and if I could ever apply such a principle of forgiveness to the people who have wronged me in my life. But I've got endless piles of work before me, so I can't give it the attention I want, so it may have to wait until this weekend. I need to the get the internets in my home again so I can do this when I'm not on company time.

So, instead of the beautiful piece I have in mind, I leave you with this: Fuck off, Mitt Romney. Do we really have to get into the "no probable cause" T searches again? This means I'm going to have to start carrying around Planned Parenthood literature, lubricant, gay porn, a large package of AA batteries, and a vibrator again when I ride the T. If they're going to violate my civil liberties, I'm going to make them sorry they bothered. And, after the forty-five minute commute I had last Friday from Hynes to Government Center (which actually ended when my T was rerouted and ended at Park Street) that left me fuming mad and miserable, I won't be taking the T anytime soon if I can help it.

I'll be back soon kiddos. Promise.

Also, a big thumbs-down to the Globe and the Herald for not having this story before the New York Times did.

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