Friday, February 23, 2007

It's Time to Play the Music...

Isn't it funny how Friday is still as sweet, even after an abbreviated week?

Yesterday, I got The Muppet Show season 1 in from Netflix. As any good child of the 80s, many of my earliest memories are of the Muppets. My brother and I watched Muppet Babies when we were little. According to my baby book, the first movie I saw in a movie theater was The Muppets Take Manhattan. Apparently, I preferred to sit in the bathroom and have my Mom read the "story wall" to me. (Nosy from the beginning.) I had a Miss Piggy lunchbox. To this day, I enjoy doing a Swedish Chef impersonation. ("Bork bork bork!") I also remember when Jim Henson died. There were kids on TV in classrooms writing letters to Jim's family and my Mom explaining to me that Jim had died of the same kind of virulent pneumonia my dad died of, and it was probably the first time I'd felt a celebrity's death as more than a sad thing for someone other than me. Jim Henson also looked a lot like my dad, so I kind of related to him.

Anyway. I watched the first episode last night, which opened with Kermit introducing "a manah manah. Whatever that is." And I finally saw the video to correspond with the song "Manah Manah" which is just brilliant. Of course, YouTube has it, so here you go. A little something trippy to lighten up your Friday afternoon.

(Apologies to Amy, who has probably run screaming from the internet since I've posted this everywhere.)

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