Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kids Say the Leftest Things

Thanks for the kind thoughts yesterday, everybody. I took an emergency run home to check in, and after some tears my Mom cheered up a little. We went out to dinner at a spendy place near our house and were treated to a Muzak rendition of "Walk on the Wild Side." As I said, nothing says "classy dinner" like a song about a transvestite.

I don't really have a whole bunch of rage to muster up today. I'm kind of in an emo kid mood. However, I will treat you to this out of the mouth of babes moment I had this weekend.

Eldest: Amy, if you could ask anybody from history any question, who would you ask and what question would you ask?

Me: Hmm. I don't know. I have a lot of questions.

Boy: I'd ask about slavery! Why would anybody think that's a good idea?

Eldest: I think I'd ask the guy who started slavery and who started segregation, but I would also like to ask President Bush why he started this stupid war in Iraq because it just doesn't make sense.

They don't watch much TV, but at least there's ample entertainment to be found. I also loved our macabre discussion about boiling the baby:

Boy: I can't wait to get home and take a bath in really hot water. I'm freezing!

Me: Well, we'll make sure the water's cool enough for Baby. We don't want to boil her alive.

Boy: HA! Don't boil the baby!

Baby: Don't boil the baby!

Boy: Boil an egg, don't boil the baby.

Me: Boil noodles, don't boil the baby.


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