Friday, March 02, 2007

Nobody Expects a Swiss Invasion!

My God, this would make a brilliant Monty Python skit.

"Where are we?"

"Um." (turning and rustling of map)

"We're still in Switzerland, right?"

"Well it's dark, I can't very well see, can I?"

(Pass sign reading "Welcome to Liechtenstein.")


There's something inherently funny about Liechtenstein. It's my favorite teeny tiny country. Liechtenstein. Lich-ten-stein. Hilarity!

Can you imagine if Mexican or Canadian troops stumbled across a desolate patch of border and the US government found out? We'd be bombing the shit out of our invaders within the hour.

1 comment:

adamg said...

Did I read that the Grand Duchy of Fenwick has invaded Switzerland in retaliation of this insult to Lichtensteinian sovreignity?