Monday, April 02, 2007

King in the Castle

I am in my new office. The company I work for has expanded, and an office is finally mine. Yes, I only have it for two weeks, but hell if I'm not going to enjoy it. When I came in to find my desk with my computer on it, I was elated. In my old cubicle I faced away from the entrance, which led to my bosses sneaking up behind me while I blogged or emailed. Now I can see who's coming, and minimize any incriminating windows before they enter. And when I work, I can shut the door to all the chitter chatter.

So I came in, tossed my stuff down, and, like Borat before me, sat in the chair and chanted "King in the castle, king in the castle..." I then told people to come and visit me in my office. I unpacked all my doodads and placed them on the window to the hallway. The snowman ping-pong ball tossers that Arthur sent us for Christmas. An army guy. A paper mache heart. All the little trinkets people bring back from vacation are proudly displayed for all to see. For the next two weeks, this place is mine. I think I'll call my gynecologist and discuss my concerns about my birth control pills in great graphic detail since I can close the door and have a moment's privacy.

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