Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Staring So Long at These Pictures

I do not work in the Back Bay anymore.

My commute isn't much longer at my new job, maybe ten minutes, but I approach it much differently now. I have to leave the house about half an hour earlier to arrive at work on time, so the T is far less crowded. Today, I was standing up near an advertisement for an AIDS walk, listening to Year Zero (SO GOOD) and examining the ad. It was a group of people walking in a past walk, and I couldn't tell if they'd been photoshopped together or if it was just a group shot of walkers. Some people seemed to be talking to or pointing at people who weren't visible in the ad, and it just looked off. As I kept looking, my eyes popped. Was I seeing what I thought I was?

In the photograph, there's a picture of a man, walking alone, holding a flesh-colored dildo. I stared at it, convinced it wasn't possible that he'd actually been walking in an AIDS walk holding a sex toy. I know that the myriad walks are supposed to be fun ways to raise money for serious causes, but carrying a dildo seems to be a bit overboard. Did nobody else look at this picture before posting in in public? Did some bitter volunteer Photoshop a phallus in this guy's hand? Or am I just a sick creep? I wish I had photographic evidence of this sign, but I only had my shoddy cameraphone on me. I think wanting to photograph the penis in the photograph is perhaps even sicker than possibly imagining it.

On my way back to the T in the evening, I walked by a construction sign. It read
"Mass Ave Bridge
closed Sunday

Huh, I thought. How weird is that? Why haven't I heard anything about this? Must have been preempted by the shooting news in Virginia.

"This sign
has be
en hack

Heh. Nobody in Back Bay is smart enough to hack a construction sign. I am out of my element.

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