Saturday, April 21, 2007

Oh Why Oh Why Would I Want to be Anywhere Else?

There is something amazing about Boston on a warm spring day. Something about the way that Boston (and I'm sure other New England cities) embrace the sudden warmth with determination. We're going outside, dammit, we're going to wear as little clothing as possible in weather that probably doesn't call for miniskirts, and we are going to enjoy ourselves. Today found me getting up earlier than I may have liked to get a Zipcar and check out an apartment. (I put in an application-- keep your fingers crossed.) I drove along, XM radio blaring everything from REO Speedwagon to Tori Amos' new song "Big Wheel." (I like it, though nothing will ever be Little Earthquakes, maybe because I will never be thirteen again.) Sitting in a sunny patch of Amy's living room, watching a Sox/Yankees game with a warm breeze blowing across my skin. While I hate the cold winds, the rain that seems to soak under the skin, there is nothing sweeter than the first really warm day where the sun hits your face hard and the whole world seems to thaw.

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