Wednesday, August 02, 2006

C is for Customer

When I was a kid, my Mom went through an audiobook phase. She bought some fairly cheap motivational tapes at an outlet, and we'd listen to them in the car. My brother, mother and I loved the one with the silver-haired man who talked about demanding what's rightfully yours as a customer of a business. I don't remember much, except the refrain that he'd use.

"C is for Customer."

This, of course, was hilarious, especially when paired with the "c" shape we'd make with our thumb and forefinger. If we were in a drive-through and my Mom had to ask for ketcup, my brother would pipe up "C is for Customer" and we'd laugh. We'd make the "c" sign at the drive-through window.

I remember this now because I called up Verizon, as many of you lovely commenters suggested, and spoke to a customer service representative named Tyra who insisted she could not remove the charge from my bill. I then politely asked to speak to a supervisor. After about five minutes on hold, my line was released, either by my office or by Verizon. I called back, spoke to another woman named Selena and told her about the line being released, and she seemed genuinely sorry that had happened and connected me to a nice gentleman named Eric. I explained my situation to him (I hate the tightness my voice gets when I'm arguing with someone) and without any fuss he immediately removed the charge for the prorated minutes from my bill, since I'd only used about 200 minutes for the whole month.

C is for Customer, bitches.

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