Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Confidential to G.W. Bush,

If the cease-fire has been in effect for just a few hours, you may not want to start declaring who got the loss for the war until you're a little more confident the peace is going to take.


The World

Sweet God, man, shut the fuck up. The fact that Israel and Hezbollah made it longer than five minutes without some appalling causality count is amazing. Perhaps just a nice blanket statement of "we hope this peace continues, God Bless America, goodnight" would have sufficed? It would be like the crowd at Fenway standing up and cheering because here comes one of the Gas Can Twins (Seanez, Tavarez) and he surely will allow us to maintain a razor-thin lead. Pack it up, this scene is done, cue Sweet Caroline. Uh, no. Same thing with a tenuous cease-fire agreement between two groups who hate each other. It's not that easy.

I wish I could find the text of a report NPR did this morning about how roughshod GW ran over this cease-fire. The reporter made a comment that was basically to the effect of "President Bush could have shut his yap after one insensitive comment, but he then proceeded to answer a question he could have easily sidestepped in an equally inflammatory manner." Maybe the president doesn't realize that people have radio and television in the Middle East. Perhaps someone should inform him.

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