Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Post to Nowhere

This Christmas was pretty rad, present-wise, since I honestly didn't know for sure what I'd be getting. I'd asked for a digital camera, a DVD player, a new laptop (aiming a little beyond Santa's budget for me), some CDs, some clothes, and socks. My Mom handed me a present before I'd even finished unwrapping the contents of my stocking, which is a major breach of etiquette in our house. I opened it up to find my new digital precious, a Cannon PowerShot. Sweet. However, loading the pictures of my family onto my five-year-old laptop drove the point home that I need a new computer in a bad way as iPhoto chugged along, trying desperately to load the images. Luckily, I figured out that I can rotate the images on the camera before I load them, so I can muddle through somehow. I got a new sweater to wear to the wedding rehearsal, some money (so I can rent a car for the wedding errands), a DVD player from my brother (thanks, Sam!), socks, an iPod speaker dock, some candy, some tape to hold my clothes on, a book with little blurbs about every country in the world, My Life in France, Writer's Market (I won't be a writer until I get published more), writing exercises (so I have something that doesn't suck to publish), and some other doodads.

Of course, it was fun watching my Mom and brother open their gifts. The Job Lot had a wonderful gag gift for $10 that I couldn't resist for my brother. His cat, a very old freebie named Hannah, throws up everywhere and Sam is responsible for cleaning up her gak. Apparently, the Shark makes a machine that is especially designed for cleaning up cat vomit (or broken eggs). We haven't tried it out yet, but I hope it makes his cat-vomit cleaning duties a little less foul.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and are taking it easy. I'm at "work" today and tomorrow, then it's back to Rhode Island for wedding preparation and seeing old friends. I'm really looking forward to some more time off since the three days at home was really restful. I also hope to do some more cooking. On Christmas Eve I made chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cherry cookies, bread, and a coffee cake. It was a good time.

This post is going nowhere.

Is it wrong that whenever I think of Gerald Ford, I always think of the episode of the Simpsons when the Bush family moves in next door to the Simpsons and Bart and Bush Senior have a Dennis the Menace style relationship until Bush moves out and Gerald Ford moves in and hits it off with Homer.

"Do you like beer, Homer?"

"Yes, Mr. President!"

"Do you like... foot-ball, Homer?"

"Yes, Mr. President!"

"Would you like to come to my house and have beer and watch foot-ball?"

"Yes, Mr. President!"

Let's all respect the late Gerald Ford by watching the Simpsons, shall we?

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