Friday, December 15, 2006

Sleighbells in the Drizzle

I don't usually ask this question. If you try and remind me that I asked this question in two months, I will deny it, no matter how many links to this post you send my way. But it's December 15, Christmas is ten days away, Hanukkah starts tonight, and I have only one question.

Where is the snow?

Snow is something I enjoy only between the last Thursday in November and December 25. Every Christmas special takes place in a snowy environment. It's snowing in Whoville. It's snowing in Charlie Brown's neighborhood. It's snowing on Sesame Street. Why isn't it snowing in Boston in December? Not only is it not snowing, it's not even cold enough to snow. It's downright warm outside. While I love not needing a big coat and gloves to step outside, something just feels wrong about Christmas shopping in a light jacket. I put up with the bone-chilling cold in the winter to enjoy snowy holidays, now make with the snow!

Pete Bouchard has gleefully declared the warmth every night this week, but I'd really like him to say "Yes, it's really freaky that it's this warm in the dead of winter and I am very concerned about this trend" but he just smiles and shrugs it off. Is anyone else worried about this? I want to go sledding! I want to peg snowballs at my little brother. I'm going to get desperate and resort to grating ice cubes and forming them into snowballs in the kitchen if this keeps up.

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