Friday, December 01, 2006


Finally, it is Friday, the day when your beloved blogger runs whimpering into the arms of cool, hoppy comfort. Oh, and my friends come too. So let's lighten things up a bit.

Did you hear this? Apparently, Mitt Romney was using illegal immigrants to tend his lawn. Heh heh.

Also, since I'm heading out to the more crowded and rowdy Garden area for my Friday Night Sam Lights, I would like to remind you gentlemen who frequent bars of one thing. Please do not caress a woman around her stomach. Guys do this to my friends and I all the damn time-- the gut squeeze. Yes, we have that neat little curve but some of us carry our extra weight on our stomachs and are a smidgen uncomfortable about it, so please don't grab anything below the boobs and above the hips. I have friends of varying weights and we all feel the same, from the teeny-tiny to the thicker. We'd much prefer an ass grab if you must grab (because, let's face it, my friends and I are hot). Thank you.

Apparently living in a city leads to a higher rate of bulimia, but anorexia isn't any more likely in a city. I figure it's because people of good taste like to enjoy the city's restaurants but when they leave they see women wearing leggings as pants and can't control the urge to vomit. Leggings are the enemy, people.

There's this woman I see on my way to work a few times a week who has very bad pants. She's got one of those wide butts, and she wears pants that somehow make it look wide and squishy at the same time. Also, the legs are about an inch and a half too short. This enrages me even more than it normally would because she walks to work with her cute boyfriend.

I am very much digging the song Love Me or Hate Me by the British rapper Lady Sovereign. She's very funny. Good stuff.

I'm babysitting this weekend for the first time in over a month. I feel like the kids are going to be in college. The eldest is certainly smart enough to be.

I think I'm developing a tapeworm. I just had lunch and I'm already hungry again. Dammit.

Have any of you watched channel 38 and seen the promos that Chris May and Sara Underwood have done for the 9:30 newscast? "It's like the late news... but it's earlier." Cracks me up every time.

Well, that is all. I'm going to see if I can drum up something for my tapeworm to eat. Have a good weekend. Don't grab anyone's tummy pudge.

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