Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No Fortunate Son

Dear John Kerry,

Thank you.


Really, there wasn't much else J.K Swiftboat could do in this election's crowded field. Any good will Kerry regained after the 2004 election was swiftly squandered by his poor attempt at his best Jon Stewart impression this fall and immediate quarantine from the public eye during the heat of the midterm elections. Kerry makes a good senator and I don't think he's a bad guy, but he certainly is not a viable candidate for president in 2008.

I still don't have a horse in this race yet, which is fine since we have such a long way to go and last time I genuinely liked someone for the Democratic nomination he got blown out of the water before my state's primary. My early preference is for Hillary because she's a woman with experience in government, but I've got to get more familiar with her politics before I start looking for any bumper stickers.

In keeping with my bid to be Boston's poet laureate, a clerihew.

John F. Kerry
had very few states to carry
in 2004, he was shown the door
and shall aspire to be President nevermore.

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