Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Let The Water Hold Me Down

Send help.

Everyone in my work training is married, in the process of getting married, and owns at least one house. This would be fine if these people had a good decade on me, but they don't. They're maybe two to five years older than me. How is this possible? Am I really that socially retarded? People seem to like me. My Mom says I'm pretty. I have a brain. What the hell is going on? The only people here who aren't married or buying real estate are fresh out of MIT.

People talk about their houses and kids, then look at me. It's like a family dinner, but without the people who share your blood. I smile politely, but am really thinking unpleasant thoughts. At least I don't have to have sex with the same person for the rest of my life. I can pack up and leave this place at any time. Nothing's holding me back! I have a landlord when things break in my apartment.

I still feel like a pre-schooler in a room full of college students.

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