Thursday, November 30, 2006


Is any one else delighted by the rumor that Borat broke up Pam Anderson and Kid Rock? Because I've got a smile from the schadenfreude that just won't quit. Seriously. Mr. Rock was threatened by this guy?

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I knew Kid Rock was an idiot, but I didn't think he was that stupid. Why is it that nobody seems to understand that Borat is a joke? Is satire that doesn't come from the mouth of Jon Stewart dead? Maybe good old Kid was confused by Pam's pretty excellent acting job in the movie. (When she met Borat, I didn't think she knew what was happening, but she apparently was in on the joke.) If I were Pam, however and I had to chose between Borat and this clown
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I'd take Borat.

God, what a maroon. I don't understand how Kid Rock lands all these women. I wish he'd just crawl back into whatever trailer park he came from and never cross my television or ear holes again.

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