Thursday, November 09, 2006


Aww, this is so touching.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish pop singer Benny Elbaz was so angry about the gay pride march planned for tomorrow that he joined forces with a Muslim man he normally would consider an enemy, to sing a duet he composed denouncing the event.

Hating the gays is bringing the world together. You think I'm reading in to this? The article says as much.
The religious anti gay activists said the gay pride event has prompted new dialogue between them that extends to a broader discussion of religion and politics. The anti gay activists believe their cause has opened up a valuable avenue of dialogue between the Islamic and Jewish religious leadership.

It's the "We Are the World" of our time, people. Except now it's titled "Jerusalem Will Burn."

The homosexuals are going to create world peace by uniting various religions because as much as the Muslims can't stand the Jews and vice versa, the gays are way worse than the infidels. And I thought gay rights would only lead to goat f*cking.


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