Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Here's my dilemma.

Tonight at Brookline Booksmith, several contributors to The Best American Essays 2006 will be reading. It is free. However, it is Tuesday which means Friday Night Lights is on, followed by election results. Brian Williams will be on my TV set all night long, talking about gains in the House and Senate and I really dig election night when the results start to come in. I love watching victory speeches. I hope to watch Lincoln Chafee continue to be my Senator and to see Harrah's leave Rhode Island with its tail between its legs. I love concession speeches and reporters broadcasting from a rapidly emptying room. However, meeting Susan Orlean probably wouldn't suck. But I love that football program. A nice cathartic tear-up every time I watch it.

I'd also like to take issue with the editors of The Best American Travel Writing 2006 selecting David Sedaris' completely crap essay about how annoying traveling on an airplane is. Dude. I think that was on Seinfeld in 1995. Not funny anymore. I hope David Sedaris hasn't peaked, because he's hilarious.

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