Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Okay. Figuring that Blogger would be like Yahoo! and that I'd eventually have to switch to Blogger in its new form eventually whether I wanted to or not, I switched the ol' Pasquinade over to the Beta Blogger yesterday. I was lured by the idea of futzing with my template and having labels for my posts (such as this one with the insightful label of "bitching") but I am having some major issues with it.

First of all, I use one Gmail account for my blog email and another for my actual personal email. I get about 120 spam messages a week from the blog and I don't want them in my regular email account. When I signed up with the original Blogger, I used a Yahoo! email account, and used that as my user name for Blogger. Beta won't allow me to use any other user name than a Gmail account so I decided to use the blog email account. Now, whenever I want to log into Blogger, Gmail signs me out of my personal account and into the blog account. It's supremely annoying when I'm emailing strings of profanity to Kristen and trying to blog at the same time. I probably could sign in with my personal email and still list the blog email on the page, but I don't want to.

I also liked the new template I had for about an hour yesterday, but Haloscan hasn't updated how to install their codes into the Beta Blogger templates, so I would have to use Blogger's comments, which I don't want since I have about two and a half years of comments stored on Haloscan and I want to keep them, so I'm back to the "classic" template. So, for all this freaking hassle, I got labels.

All of this could be avoided if I got a book deal. Publishers: Email me. On the blog account.

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