Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Separate Ways

As you may remember, I got my brand-new cell phone in July. It was an exciting gift to receive in the mail during my perilously broke time (now I am just regular broke) and I was excited about it. It worked fine. I downloaded annoying ringtones. And now, I must send it back.

I had to work the part-time job Saturday morning and despite my intentions to keep Friday night mellow, it erupted into an evening of drunken dancing. The kind where you don't realize how into the dancing you are until you wake up the next day with your thigh muscles feeling like rubber bands about to snap. I woke up, groaned, and dragged my ass into the shower. I was fairly slow in getting going and ran out the door. I stuck my water bottle in my pocketbook and forgot to remove it when I shoved my bag into a little locker at work. Unfortunately, the water bottle leaked. When I went down to get my bag to head to lunch I found my phone was damp, and the backlight on the display stopped working.

It was working Saturday evening when I left work, which gave me hope. But when I woke up on Sunday, the display was dark again. I can read the display, barely, in a well-lit room, but it's not going to work as a long-term phone. Luckily, when I switched my plan over my insurance on the phone carried over. During the months when I was scary broke I kept meaning to take the insurance off the plan and save myself about five bucks a month. Now I'm glad I kept it. The insurance people were very nice, and I should have my new phone tomorrow. All I had to pay was $50, which sucks since I am now officially playing roulette with when charges to my checking account clear, but it's way better than paying the full cost of the phone. And I'm mad because I downloaded "Separate Ways" as a ringtone on Friday and I think I'm going to lose it when I mail the old phone back to the insurance people. But, it could be worse.

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