Monday, November 20, 2006

Feel the Rage, Part I

Last night, after a lovely day of walking the North End, stopping in a graveyard, flipping Mitt Romney off (more on that later), and walking all the way to Coolidge Corner, I decided to watch the evening news. My emotions were kind of raw after watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition since it was a family who had just unexpectedly lost their father, and what does the channel 38 news lead with?

Some sick bastard stole one of the Salvation Army pots outside a Walgreens in Methuen. Not only did this sick fuck steal from charity, he stole from charity while a man with Down Syndrome was minding the pot and didn't even understand that he'd been robbed until someone told him.

A Salvation Army bell ringer kept ringing his bell as the red kettle was lifted from the tripod next to him outside a Jackson Street drugstore.

He kept ringing it as the thief walked away with the kettle and the money the bell ringer had collected for the poor at Christmas.

He finally stopped when an employee of the drugstore, who witnessed the theft, called police.

Then the bell ringer, a 41-year-old man with Down syndrome, became frightened.

Let's make this clear. Whoever stole from this guy just sealed his place in hell. I hope that Satan pulls your toenails out by the millimeter with white-hot tongs. I hope the Dark Lord pulls out your innards through your mouth so you can watch. You stole from the poor and a retarded person at the same time. That is completely heartless and cruel, and I hope the police find whoever did this and punish him/her as harshly as possible. The Salvation Army has had a rough enough time of it lately with many stores not willing to let the bell-ringers set up shop outside their stores (Target, I'm looking at you) and now people are stealing from them? In doing research for this post, I found several other bell-ringers in other cities have been forcibly robbed as well. But just walking away with the pot from a person who didn't know better? Sick.

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