Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My iPod is Dead

...Long live my iPod.

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Why so glum?

This is what my iPod is currently telling me. I should be cautious because it is sad. I just went to Apple's website and got this lovely information:

If you cannot force your iPod into disk mode and restore it, then your iPod is in need of service. Set up an iPod Service Request or make a reservation at the Genius Bar before visiting your local Apple Retail Store.

No way. I've tried to set up an appointment at the Genius Bar before, and that place is harder to get into than Studio 54 in the '70s unless you've got a current Apple Care plan that gives you access to the geniuses at the bar before everybody else. At the ripe old age of nearly two, my iPod, my beloved lovely, is dead. (Unless anyone has any ideas on something I could try that doesn't involve dismantling the whole thing.)

Remember when I got my iPod? I was dating the Whatever. I was still living in an affordable apartment and had about seven roommates. I was psyched the iPod had a color display and could hold pictures. It feels as though a lifetime has passed since then. The Whatever is history, I can't afford my gorgeous studio apartment, and iPods now play movies. I'm just disappointed we don't have flying cars yet in this glorious future.

While I'd normally be throwing myself out of a window with grief, I've had so much good news lately that this minor bump in the road isn't phasing me. (More on that later.) I also got an iPod as a gift for my old company's 20th anniversary, so I have a backup. I'm a little nervous because it's a Nano and mine is a full-blown iPod with 20GB of storage. While I hadn't filled it up, I think I'm quite a bit over 5GB, so I'm going to have to make some hard choices. I can't live without Kelly Clarkson, Amy Winehouse, Tori Amos, Nine Inch Nails, or the Indigo Girls. I need my cheesy pop music for when I work out. I need to keep my '90s throwback music on for impromptu parties. I actually had this exchange with a coworker at my work gym last week:

Me: Go ahead and watch whatever you want.

Guy: Thanks. You're iPodding it today, huh?

Me: Yeah.

Guy: What are you listening to?

Me: Um... Salt-n-Pepa.

Guy: Wow. Old school. You got any Bel Biv Devoe on there?

Me: Actually, yes.

Guy: Awesome.

I feel no shame. I can't be the only one who prays for a Salt-n-Pepa reunion tour. If the Police can do it, in about ten years I should be singing "Shoop" at Fenway Park.

The worst thing about my iPod being broken is the fact that I had to go to Apple's website to decode the cryptic sad iPod on the display. Now I see there are shiny new MacBooks that I am in desperate need of, since it's becoming apparent my six-year-old laptop isn't cutting it anymore and may die at any time. I think I'm going to wait until after the Mac World conference in a couple of weeks and see when the new OS X will be rolled out and consider going into debt (more) for a new baby.

EDIT: Now my computer has recognized the iPod, I have restored it, and it now isn't recognizing the wall outlet. And like an obedient circus dog, I am doing what it asks to try and make it work again. Damn technology.

EDIT 2: Yeah, the work gift was a 1GB iPod. I forgot until I had to make some very unsavory decisions on what to add and what keep on my computer only. Stupid thing. I guess I'm going for another big fuck off line of credit then because I am NOT living without my iPod while I'm riding the T. No sir.

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