Friday, June 08, 2007

Rhode Island Dead


Former Providence Mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci Jr. began work Friday at The 903 Residences in Providence, NBC 10 News has confirmed. . . . NBC 10 News learned that the federal Bureau of Prisons rejected Cianci's proposed sales and marketing position at the luxury boutique hotel Fifteen Beacon in Boston. Cianci was tentatively scheduled to attend an orientation on Tuesday.

I'll tell you what happened here. Mayor Menino got freaked out. Think about it. You're a somewhat embattled mayor in a city with a crime problem, and a smooth criminal with political experience gets released back into the wild. Are you going to let a guy with an extensive criminal record who somehow keeps winning people over into your city to threaten your plans for a new city hall? Hell no. You're going to send him back to the little podunk backwater seventy miles to the south where he can't run for election until 2014 and won't cause you any harm. Mayor Menino totally pulled some strings and got Buddy reassigned.

Menino had better watch himself. He's going to start getting fireplace logs lobbed though his window at night. I'd mess with a lot of people, but Buddy Cianci isn't one of them.

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