Friday, June 08, 2007


Somebody get me a freelance gig. There's too much good food out there to stay home and eat in.

Last night I joined A and Missy for a walk around the reservoir in Cleveland Circle. Since the Green Line took forever and a day to get us to Brookline, it was late when we wrapped up walking. Instead of waiting around for the next bus back to the Ville and probably eating my own fist to sate my hunger, A and I took a walk to Super Fusion Cuisine.

A friend and I went to Ma Soba in Beacon Hill a couple of weeks ago. My friend really liked it, but I was hesitant since I've been spoiled by Super Fusion. Once I got my food, I was disappointed. I found hairs in my sushi, and the california rolls were really bland. The atmosphere was nice, but the price I paid for middling food soured me.

But Super Fusion! How I love you. Your down and dirty storefront. Suhsi Sam greeting everyone enthusiastically. One bite of the volcano maki made me sorry I had strayed. Some day when I have money from the freelance gig I sorely need, I'm going to try Fugakyu, which is where Sushi Sam used to work. While the atmosphere may be nicer, I doubt the sushi could be any better.

Tonight, another friend and I are going to try Wagamama in Faneuil Hall. A huge restaurant chain in the UK (which I didn't go to when I was over there), the Boston location is its first in the States. Since I love ramen noodles on their own merits, I'm excited to try them with actual natural ingredients. However, I always forget the name of the restaurant. "Wasamama? Wamamama? Nachomama? What's it called?"

I'll save money when I'm too old to enjoy it. It's finally summer, and I'm going to enjoy this city until the snows come back.

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Fugakyu rocks!! I don't even eat sushi and I love it. When you go, make sure you go with a group of people and make reservations for one of the little 'rooms'. I've gone with primarily sushi-eaters, and they love it.

Oishii is apparently the best/favorite in the area, though. That's off Rt. 9 at that little intersection with the Cingular/ATT, a Chestnut Hill Realty place, a CVS Gas Station (?), a Star Market/Shaw's, and the Chestnut Hill Cinema. That area. Not too far outside Cleveland Circle, but tricky without wheels.

Also tricky without wheels: Minado out in Natick/Framingham. A Sushi Buffet where you pay something like $26 and they'll make the sushi for you. Nice chunks of sashimi and some more pedestrian fare like wonderful teriyaki chicken and caesar salad for those of us who are... well, lame.