Thursday, June 07, 2007

Those People Keep Moving, And That's What Tortures Me

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The criminal justice system has failed us. Yet again.

Paris Hilton was released from a Los Angeles County jail early Thursday because of an unspecified medical problem and will fulfill the remainder of her sentence in home confinement, a sheriff's spokesman said.

I hate Paris Hilton. I hate her. There are so many people who could breathe the air she breathes who would do so much good in the world who are dead, and yet Paris Hilton is still allowed to walk this planet by whatever greater power there may be. At Lindsay Lohan was good in The Parent Trap and Mean Girls. Paris Hilton has done no good in this world. People who are innocent rot in jail because they can't afford a team of lawyers, and Paris Hilton waltzes right out of jail. Home confinement? For real? That's like a parent sending a misbehaving child to his room with cable TV, video games, and his cell phone. It's not a punishment-- it's a quiet afternoon.

I can only hope that this cryptic "unspecified medical problem" is that her cooter actually had it with all the STDs and fell out to die on its own terms.

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