Wednesday, September 28, 2005


My love for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has been well-documented. Yes, it's manipulative. Yes, it's extremely treacley. Yes, with every episode it becomes the television show equivalent of "U-S-A! U-S-A!!" But it allows me the release of all the negative emotions in this cold cynic's heart. Watching a medic who lost his leg in Iraq sob as he sees the windows and door from his old house being donated to a guy he met after his injury who lost both legs and looks all of twelve years old? You'd be made of stone to not cry at that.
However, I envision a perfect storm of annoying when Laura Bush visits the show later this season. I imagine that Ty Pennington wasn't allowed near her, since his spastic twitching and yelling would cause the Secret Service to put a death clutch on Mr. Pennington's neck and finally end all his yelling into a megaphone, jumping around like a two year old, and schilling for Sears. Laura Bush, the first robot, er, lady, will hand out clothes to people affected by the hurricane, her face set on emotion #2506, "sad, with hopeful outlook and creating a sympathetic front for the Republican party."

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