Thursday, September 22, 2005

Love of Pete

I haven't talked about Pete Bouchard in a while. Not because the restraining order went through (thanks, backlogged criminal justice system!) but because nothing of note has happened on the channel 7 web site. But today Pete captured the yin and yang of watching another area of the U.S. get ready for a major hurricane:

With winds of 175 mph and pressure of 887 mb (26.49" of mercury), Rita surpasses Katrina and makes history as the 3rd most intense hurricane (in terms of pressure) in the Atlantic Basin.
We enjoy a pleasant late summer night in the 50s & 60s.

The Gulf Coast is scrambling and fretting.
We're enjoying the sun.

The Sox lose the lead in the AL West.
We hit 80s on the first day of autumn.

Rita makes landfall near Galveston Friday night with a 15-20 foot storm surge and winds ranging from 145-155 (category 4, marginal 5).
We cool off to the 40s in many spots under clear skies.

Flooding rains inundate east Texas as Rita slows this weekend.
A shower passes through on Sunday afternoon.

Gas hits $4 a gallon next week.
We go from 70s to 60s...still with sunny skies.

At least the weather's on our side.

Did you notice the error in Pete's writeup? Three internet karma points to the first to point it out.
Oh Pete. Your prose is ruined by your inaccuracy. My world is turned upside down.
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Le sigh.

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