Friday, September 30, 2005

Who'd've Believed You'd Come Along

A very interesting piece this morning on NPR about the origins of "Sweet Caroline" and the Sox. I admit freely to getting completely jazzed up at the repeated playing of Neil Diamond's song, and especially when the fan Susan Orlean interviewed sang off-key along with the song at Fenway.
In related news, I hear some pretty heavy baseball is going down in the Fenway this weekend. May the melody of "Sweet Caroline" and especially "Dirty Water" haunt the Yankees fans for another off-season of second-guessing and finger-pointing. I'll be at home, sculpting a clay representation of David Ortiz to worship five times a day, ten when walk-off runs/home runs occur.
Oh, and this is fucking hysterical too.
Image hosted by
This kid weeps as the swag of evil stings his verdant flesh.

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