Thursday, September 01, 2005


E. Nuff.
I can't take it. Just when it seems there may be hope, that for some reason Huston is the promised land for thousands of refugees, that it can't get worse, it gets worse. Just when I think it's done, that the government that is supposed to protect people when they can't do it themselves, just when I start to wrap my head around this, Britney Spears has to waddle her pregnant, cheetos-lovin' ass over to her computer and post to her Web site.
At least she can name her state and some states that border it. If thinking about the hurricane gets you all bummed out, scroll down to check out the cute picture of Bit-Bit from the baby shower.
The apocolypse is nigh. And I can't afford gas to drive away.
Image hosted by"Hurricanes is sad, y'all."

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