Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Which Finger am I Pointing?

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"So this is what a person who has nothing looks like. I must study this and tell all my friends when I get back to the White House."
Well, now's not the time for finger-pointing, apparently. Don't worry-- our fearless leader who ignored warnings about 9/11 AND what would happen if a catastrophic hurricane hit the Gulf Coast will get to the bottom of this. "Go back to sleep, America, your government is in control."
I don't think we should spend money on a commission right now to figure out what went wrong (since, you know, people were STILL IN THE DAMN SUPERDOME until Sunday), and I honestly don't think it'll take too long to figure it out. The government had money earmarked for strengthening the levees in Louisiana. When all the departments were combined into Homeland Security, that money was funneled into Iraq and counterterrorism. It's a failure on so many levels of government-- as I heard somewhere today, the senators are supposed to argue to get fundage for the projects that their home states need-- did the senator from Louisiana do that, or just let it slide? Did the governor put pressure on the Senator? Did the mayor put pressure on the governor? There's a long line of people who failed to help the residents of New Orleans.
But, then again, if we'd suffered some horrendous terrorist attack and there were levees in New Orleans, would people have readied their Bush effigies because he failed to stave off another attack? It's a difficult situation, because no matter what happens someone isn't happy. I'm not saying that we shouldn't defend ourselves against terrorism, and it's too late now to leave Iraq. And, sadly, it's too late to fix the levees before a catastrophic storm hits New Orleans. I just think that the hurricane illuminated the fact that America is not invincible, nor is our infrastructure as sound as it should be. Saftey first doesn't refer only to bombs, Bush Administration.

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