Friday, October 21, 2005

Hi, Hello, How Are You?

It's been a while since I've holla'd at you all, so I figured I'd drop in.
I really wish I had something exciting to report, but I don't. I get up early in the morning. I cook my Mom and I breakfast (my brother sleeps as late as possible). I help put water in a bucket so my Mom can take a "shower." I open the door for the blood letter and the physical therapist. I try to make something for lunch. I check my email. Paula's Home Cooking comes on. I help my Mom do exercises. I plan dinner. I watch some primetime TV. The Whatever calls and I fall asleep while talking to him.
Occasionally something fun happens, like a trip to the grocery store or to pick up some Vicodin for my Mom at CVS. I was hoping to get out tonight to go to Target and buy some impulse inexpensive couture, but my brother wants to go out with his friends tonight. I'm picking the Whatever up at the airport and paying bills at my apartment tomorrow night, so I'm sticking around home tonight so he can venture out into the world. Last week I had drinks with my friend S, which was great. She filled me in on the story of a kid who attends my high school alma mater who decided it would be wise to argue the price of an illegal gun he was trying to purchase in Providence, got himself into a heated argument, and got shot. As far as I know, the kid is okay, but still in the hospital. It's sad how kids in this town think they're hip and street, but they live amongst the cows and trees. Any town with a 4-H chapter does NOT have kids with much street sense.
I am going to the walk-in clinic to get my nerdle checked out in a few minutes. Since mid-August, I've had this wart/callous/something on my "ring toe" on my right foot. It hurts to walk on it, and I've let it go too long. I tried to remove it with a callous remover, but it only removed the skin around the nerdle. I hate going to the walk-in place; I think I'll probably end up with avian flu in there. A catch-all of disease and germs. A Petri dish with a killer magazine selection.
Mom's doing well. She walked up the stairs to her bedroom today (quite a feat-- there's about 16 steps) and sat in the car for the first time in two weeks. Hopefully she'll get off the walker and onto crutches, then onto a cane, then fully on both legs at the end of November. It's amazing how the body can heal so fast after such a huge trauma. Her spirits are lifting again too-- last week she was depressed and weepy which wasn't good for me either. Next week she meets with the surgeon for her post-surgery checkup.
I hope all is well out in the world. I hear there's some kind of World Series happening Saturday, no kind of New England football happening this weekend and something called hockey is back. I kind of hope I can get to a P-Bruins game before I come back. Nothing like celebrating athletics in a place named after a donut chain.

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