Monday, October 24, 2005

Odd Headline

A visit to my local NBC affiliate's web site brings this sad story, but with a morbidly funny headline:
Car crashes into church; bursts into flames
Wow. Now, if I drove into a church and damaged it, I think that blasphemy would probably tip the Almighty's scales out of my favor and the car would burst into flames, beginning my trip to the fires that burn but do not consume in the afterlife. Or, perhaps the Almighty would spare me, and I would give up this life of booze and handsome men (if by "men" you mean "man") and dedicate myself to helping my fellow mankind. I'd torch my "enhancing" bras, stop shaving, and live a purely spiritual life.
Maybe I'll take the fiery crash.
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"That sinner? Let the motherfucker burn, father. Let the motherfucker burn."

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