Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Nail, Meet Coffin

There's been lots of good news lately. If you lose weight, you'll have better sex. Diet and exercise will become more popular since gastric bypass surgery is much riskier than we'd thought. (By "we'd" I mean "most people" because the idea of having my stomach cut into bits and being sewn back up does sound fairly serious and risky.) But, in the face of Atkins going bankrupt a few months back, we've got this news:

Nintendo of America is expected to announce today that it will offer free wireless Internet access for its Nintendo DS portable game system at McDonald's restaurants. Customers will be able to play select DS games with other players around the world.

Oh my yes! Please put lazy people together in a place where french fries and soda cost a dollar a pop and allow them to play video games. Encourage people to put on some shoes and walk/drive to their nearest Mickey D's to engage in some Mario Kart. If the signal is strong enough, some of these people will probably just do drive-through and park near the building.
Listen, I know I'm stereotyping video game afficinados. I've been known to engage in the occasional Grand Theft Auto or Mario Kart (which I kick ass in). But I play for about an hour, get bored, and go for a walk. There are some people (my brother) who can sit in front of that thing for hours and never speak to anyone. I think adding greasy and sugary food into the equation with those people, and encouraging them to sit and be sedintary isn't the way to go.

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