Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sick Bastards

Imagine my glee when I saw Pete Bouchard's smiling face on just now, in an article comparing the plight of Nicholas Cage in the new movie The Weatherman to local meterologists'. Imagine how sad I got when I read this:

And pity poor Pete Bouchard, who says he's gotten two death threats in the 3 1/2 years he's worked at WHDH-TV (Channel 7) because of faulty forecasts. One was the result of Bouchard's getting the timing of some spring showers wrong. The winter had been brutal, Bouchard recalls, ''and everyone was looking for a ray of sun or some warmth." Bouchard told his viewers that the approaching showers would arrive in the afternoon. Instead they came at 10 a.m. The e-mail he received as a result was brutal, says Bouchard, a meteorologist for 13 years: ''I'm going to beat you until you don't walk, and then I'm going to beat you some more."

What the hell? How can you hate Pete Bouchard? How can you say you'll beat the everloving snot out of a white guy from New Hampshire who predicts the weather? Maybe you'd want to beat up Todd Gross, but only because he sucks. Pete Bouchard does not suck. Pete Bouchard loves fun and sunshine and nature. Sure, you may want to yell at him for his poor grammar, but he's human. I would never throw anything at Pete Bouchard. Except maybe my phone number.
So, Pete, if you're sad and want to see that new movie, drop me a line and we'll go see it next week. I don't much care for Nicholas Cage, nor the high price of admission, but I'll even buy you a popcorn. And if anybody throws anything at you, I'll be your human sheild.

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