Monday, October 03, 2005

I Don't Want No Dead End Job should totally be on this shit. It is now possible to apply for a job that you have no experience with. Not only are you applying for the job, you are applying for the highest position someone in the field can hope for. It's like running for President with little to no experience in politics. Oh, wait...
I guess the White House's trick (I don't think the President himself is clever enough to resort to such chicanery) of nominating someone with a limited paper trail on the issues has worked. I'm not set against her, but it seems that she's going to have a much harder time of getting to sit on a bench in a cool black robe than newbie John Roberts did. Perhaps we can use Miers on a trial basis? Kind of a Supreme Court internship? I'd feel much more confident if Miers would file some papers and take a freshman level Constitutional history final before we give her the okay.
In other Supreme Court news, John Roberts had his first day on the court today. His wife packed his lunch in a Bratz lunchbox, patted him, assured him that that "mean man" Scalia would be nice to him, but she totally gave Scalia some ammo by including a note that read "I love you, honey-pie. Have a great day and remember to say your affirmations."

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