Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Is it raining there? It's raining here, too.
Good God, why is it every time my Mom has surgery (and it sucks to write "every time") it pours for the week after when I'm stuck in the house most hours of the day. You can't throw me a ray of freakin' sunshine so I can take a pleasant constitutional around the perimeter of the house? Instead, you make it so I need to cut down some trees and build a freakin' ark?
My mother wants me to write about how much the medical care system sucks. I know that most of you young whippersnappers couldn't care less, but it does suck. My mother had her leg cut open (it's about a footlong incision, y'all), her bones removed and metal ones hammered in. Big stuff. She stayed in the hospital for four days, received physical therapy a grand total of four times (she should have had it about five or six times), was told several different things would happen, none of which did. She had her veins collapse because the blood nurse didn't have the right size needle for her veins. In one shift, my Mom was told she's too short for the walker and that she has veins that are too small for the needles. By the time she got into the rescue (an hour and a half late since a resident couldn't be found to rewrite her prescription) she was nutty. A team of five guys got her in the house, where she plopped into her recliner and napped.
The hospital bed (her bed is on the second floor-- she won't see that for a while) didn't arrive until 9pm because the hospital never called for it. Which wouldn't have been so bad if my Mom hadn't made arrangements with the company before, and if the secretary hadn't assured me the hospital bed was on it's way at 2:30. When I called back at 6pm, they said they had no record of my Mom's order anywhere. I was livid. Then the guy who set up the bed hadn't set up a hospital bed before. He looked like me when confronted by an Ikea bookshelf-- confused and staring at the directions. My Mom slept in fear last night, my brother by her side, afraid the bed would collapse as she rested.
Thankfully, somebody came out today and fixed the bed for my Mom, so she's resting on it now. The physical therapist came and went, saying my Mom looked pretty good. But the trees are swaying, and it looks like it's about to pour. She may be on the mend, but I'm about to lose my mind. Also, I think the battery on my laptop is dying. Again.
I was glad to hear the Yankees got stomped yesterday, sent back to play golf. Yeah yeah, the Sox went a few days earlier without much of a fight. But it was worth seeing Regis Philbin's smug expression dialed down a few notches when he talked about the Yankees loss. He was positively gleeful when the Sox lost. I hate that I know what Regis Philbin thinks about anything.
President Bush was on the Today show, but I was barely conscious when that was on so I have no idea what he said. All I registered was my extreme hatred for Katie Couric.
So, that's about it for now. Hopefully when the sun comes out I'll manage to be more entertaining. Right now, I just want to go back to bed.

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