Friday, November 04, 2005

Forget Silver and Gold, It's Yellow and Blue

I am a liberal. Much to my mother's chagrin, I turned out just about as blue as a Smurf. I think about how my actions impact the rest of the world. I donate to Oxfam and other charities. I drink local and European beers, unless there's football, then it's all about the Coors Light. But I am a poor liberal. I am in debt, but I appreciate the finer things. I want to look good, but not spend a ton of money. Hence, I am at the mercy of super-conglomerate European chains such as H&M and IKEA.
I'm torn, because IKEA is terrible for local chains. I mean, Jordan's isn't the little guy by any means, but there are many small-scale furniture makers who suffer from chains such as IKEA and Jordan's. Most of the furnishings in my Mom's house came from a tiny store in Exeter. Every once in a while we'd head down and come back with a new desk or a new hutch. It was more expensive, but the guy was willing to accommodate our requests. At IKEA and Jordan's, it's as-is.
But the stuff at IKEA is cool. The Whatever's entire bedroom comes from IKEA. Most of his living room does as well. It's functional and looks good. When I get a place I actually want to live in instead of the 24/7 party central that is my current apartment, I'll be down at IKEA with a truck and a measuring tape. Heck, I'll probably be down in Stoughton at the end of the month buying wine glasses and lamps. So until they find a way to make furniture my poor liberal paycheck can afford, it's IKEA for me. Although, in the scheme of things, IKEA isn't an entirely evil corporation.
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Hee hee hee. I totally would not get the job.

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