Tuesday, September 12, 2006

::crosses fingers::

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Linc Chafee prepares to do some damage.

It's Primary Day in Rhode Island! You know things are bad for the Republican Party when they've poured over a million dollars into the campaign of a "bad" Republican who doesn't march neatly in the party line just to keep the seat Republican. (Chafee's opponent, Steve Laffey, will be decimated in the general election against Sheldon Whitehouse if he is the Republican candidate.)

Good luck, Linc.

I'd talk about the President's speech last night on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, but I'm afraid they haven't invented the swear words that describe my anger at taking the anniversary of such a tragedy to pull for his own misguided policies in the Middle East and his desperate attempts to keep Americans afraid enough to vote Republican and stop complaining about soldiers dying senselessly in Iraq. I'd also talk about every news program I watched as I lay catatonic on my couch last night harassing people mourning at the World Trade Center site, but they don't have words for that either. Can't we let people mourn alone? If I lost somebody there, I'd be like someone on Cops telling the camera to get out of my face.

Thanks for your nice comments yesterday. Between a sleepless weekend, 9/11's psychic drain, and all the business going on in my life I've been a little frustrated lately. Posts will be spotty until I get the hell over it.

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