Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moo Cow

It turns out that Allston-Brighton (or Brighton-Allston, as it's been decided) is trying to come up with a logo for the bicentennial anniversary of Brighton-Allston's incorporation into the city of Boston. Right now, they've got this:
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Which is causing a bit of a stir. Some people think the "bull" is reminiscent of "bullshit" and don't want Allston-Brighton associated with the smell of cow feces. Animal rights activists think it celebrate's Brighton's former claim to fame as the center of cattle-slaughter in New England.

Some residents say that Brighton, a separate town from Boston until 1874, should celebrate the 200th anniversary of its incorporation by marking the progress since that era, rather than recalling it. But the bull nonetheless has serious partisans.

"The bull absolutely has to be a part of it," said Councilor Jerry McDermott, who represents Allston-Brighton.

Some have stood by the bull, because they say it's better than anything else that has come up. Committee members said they have been hashing out ideas for nearly a year.

Well, if you want to celebrate progress in the 200 years since Allston-Brighton became part of Boston, I've got some ideas for the planning committee. First of all, what do you think of when you think Allston-Brighton? Yes, that's right. Students. Drunken parties. Why not put a keg in a plastic tub on the logo? Perhaps a crumpled can of PBR? A girl in purple eyeshadow and too-tall heels, passed out on a couch? A red Solo cup? You could also reference Allston-Brighton's slow-ass T line and show a B-line car, stopped at a red light, fists of passengers popping out of the windows.

There are a lot of good things about Allston/Brighton, before you get all yelly about it. The Sunset Bar and Grill rules my world. The Super 88 Market has a great food court and cheap produce. Brighton was home of the late great Natalie's Pizza and Bluestone Bistro, which has proven to be two tastes that do not taste great together. I could afford to live in Brighton during my college days, which was much better than commuting from Rhode Island. But the pretentiousness inherent in the debate over cow vs. no cow does not suit Allston-Brighton. Or Brighton-Allston. Whatever.

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