Friday, September 29, 2006


As I was rereading my posts from this week, I realize I've been pretty negative. You can blame it on the moon, PMS, an overloaded schedule, the fact I'm a raging bitch, whatever. In any case, I don't want to fall victim to a completely negative attitude. No, I haven't gotten laid. Shut up. I just want to put some good out into the world. So, to celebrate Friday, here is a list of things I've liked recently.

Christy Mihos' head-up-the-ass ad.

Surely you've heard all the hubhub about this ad. It features an animated Mihos asking engineers and politicians who resemble Romney and Healey why the Big Dig ran billions over budget, the response being murmurs and heads being shoved up asses. It doesn't really prove a point or offer any solutions, but it's pretty funny. Mihos has the electorate figured out-- at this point, we can't make the Big Dig run under budget, Romney won't suffer any consequences, Matt Amorello has made out like a bandit, and Bechtel will get away with shoddy construction. What can we do but laugh and satirize?

Kerry Healey doesn't understand the internets (from Steath B.)
Click the link...

See where you end up. Come on. I've been using the internet since I was twelve. Surely somebody on the Healey campaign should have figured out that you buy all the domain names that could be associated with you before somebody makes you look a fool.

My Name is Earl
In high school, I hated my hometown. I hated the fields, the ponds, the trailer parks, the shitbox cars for sale on people's front lawns, the cows, the locals. Now I love to go back from time to time, but back in the 90s I was ruthless in calling my town Hicksville. Thus, I have a soft spot in my heart for the hicks on My Name is Earl. Jason Lee's bitchin' 'stache alone is worth the price of admission, and Jamie Pressley is hilarious as Joy, Earl's ex-wife. "I want one a them TVs in the wall like Britney and Kevin got."

The Office
This is kind of negative, but if they don't bring hot Jim back to the Scranton office I am going to scream. I love John Krasinski (or, as Kristen calls him, the Polish Boy) a lot. Like, really, a lot.

Bad Boston Accents
I've seen the preview for the new Scorsese movie, The Departed, about one hundred times and Leonardo DiCaprio's Boston accent is one of the worst I've heard in a long time. What is so hard about the Boston accent? Why can't Hollywood get it right? We could rent out Butchie as a dialogue coach to all these Hollywood boys who can't get it right. "Didn't you play a fuckin' rethaad? Say it. 'Re-thaaaa-d.' In a sentence now. 'I'm a fuckin' rethaaad who can't get this shit right.'"

Dear Pino's,



Pumpkin Spice Latte
Mighty pumpkin spice,
You delight me with your taste.
Thanks baby Jesus.

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