Friday, September 01, 2006


When she was younger, the girl I babysit for would gleefully explain to me that late August/early September is "yellow truck season." Every year, this cracks me up as I watch harried people hustle their earthly possessions from a truck to an apartment as fast as possible. On my way to work, I saw five groups of people moving. There is nothing worse than being a packrat and paying the price when you have to pack up all your shit and redistribute it in a new place. I'm still working on unpacking and I've been in my place since June.

Fall in Boston is really interesting. The tourists start leaving (although the weather gets better) and the students make their return. I've been noticing a lot more popped collars and frilly skirts around town. Last night on my way home from Cambridge, I got on the red line with a bunch of college kids. One of them had an iPod hooked up to some portable speakers and was playing "Hips Don't Lie." The token gay kid, who I later noticed had on a fetching Emerson College t-shirt, swore he could dance like Shakira if he weren't on the train. His friend, who wore a green tweed blazer with a maroon tweed flower hanging randomly in her limp brown hair, laughed as he stood uncertainly on the moving train. Their conversation was loud, to benefit the rest of the passengers on the car. The girl with the speaker segued into "Billy Jean," a song which was old news before she was even born. She danced, swinging the speaker around in one hand, tucking the iPod into her green hoodie with an artsy design on the back. When I got off the train, they'd just started on "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. And, as much as I hate the loud-decibel conversations and the girls who can't drink and stay on their shoes, I wish the college kids well. Boston is a great place to be a college student (especially when you turn 21). There's a ton to do. I busted my ass to get here, I powered through a couple relatively friendless years when I was incredibly homesick, and it was worth it because now I love this place. Despite the irregular train service and high rent it's a good place. I wish the newbies all the luck in the world. Let Boston be good to you.

Of course, I am fleeing town to avoid the crush of moving trucks and remaining tourists. Enjoy the long weekend and I'll see you on the flip.

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