Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Real Estate

The John Hancock Tower is up for sale. Sadly, I'm a little short on the $910 million the building sold for the last time is was on the market. (It's like Flip This Office Tower around the Back Bay, isn't it?)

If I could, I would buy the Hancock Tower and turn the top half of it into affordable, modest, but classy apartments for me and my broke friends and other debt-addled twenty-somethings. (Read: dishwasher, trash disposal, in-unit washer/dryers-- $1200/mo for a two-bedroom.) The roof would have a roller coaster and bungee jumping platform to poach more money from tourists. The bottom half could remain office space. No, the bottom third could be office space. The middle third would have a bitchin' indoor waterslide. Who doesn't like a waterslide?

This can only go someplace good. Now all I need is several hundred million dollars to buy the space.

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