Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Get Your Vote On

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"Get that damn camera away from me. I have no idea how this bloody thing works."

Linc Chafee won! Hooray! He voted in my elementary school cafetorium! I hate that place. Anyway.

He acknowledged being asked often: "Why are you a Republican?" And he repeated his definition of Republicanism, including fiscal discipline, environmental protection, individual liberty, aversion to foreign entanglements and "a willingess to use the tools of government to help the poor and the vulnerable."
That is the kind of Republican I like. Note the "individual liberty" he tosses in there. As much as I want the Senate to have a Democratic majority again, I actually like Chafee. I know he's a dirty Republican, but I like that he thinks and votes his mind. I'm interested to see how the general election goes.

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