Thursday, September 28, 2006


I was cranky as hell yesterday afternoon. I had work I had to get out the door before a doctor's appointment, forgot I hadn't photocopied it before putting it in the mail, and, of course every damn photocopier in the place jammed, I hastily threw the stuff in the FedEx, got in the long line to buy T tokens, hopped on the jammed train, and was late to my doctor's appointment. After my appointment I was feeling a little better, but had to haul my butt to pilates class. I walked up School Street by the Omni Parker House while checking my voicemail, dodging tourists left and right. Then, I looked up and saw three well-dressed people coming at me. The first person I noticed was a pretty attractive guy in a suit, who had a determined expression on his face. Next, I noticed the well-dressed blonde woman in a suit, who was talking to a short, round man who was fidgeting with his suit. It took me a minute to place who I was looking at.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Mayor Menino.

Of course I'm on the damn phone, so I can't stop and try to shake his hand and give him a piece of my mind (could we call a moratorium on the sewer work in Back Bay for a while, please? I saw six rats on my drive up a public alley on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and had the fear of God they would hop in the Zipcar when I opened the door), and he looked like he was consulting with the blonde about wherever he was going. I had a big stupid grin on my face (I'm a dork and I love meeting politicians) and the Mayor had a look on his face like he hoped I didn't recognize him and wouldn't try to talk to him. His face fell a little as he saw me beaming stupidly at him. The Mayor arranged his face, gave me a smile and a nod, and was on his way with his blonde woman advisor and the cute dude in a suit. (Call me, Cute Dude!)

That's all that happened, really. But it was very exciting for me.

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