Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Hey, did you hear? I know it's buried in the back of the Globe and especially the Herald, but Michael Jackson's not guilty. I am an intrepid blogger, trying to get to the bottom of things for you.
Honestly, is this shocking? To anyone? The guy had a huge legal team that made a mockery of the evidence the prosecution presented. Why do we care? It's not like the OJ trial where it was pretty clear that OJ treated Nicole like shit for years, that there was blood in his car, that big neon signs showed that OJ had the capability to kill his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. It was this kid's word against Michael Jackson's, neither of whom have spotless backgrounds to work with. The kid and his mother had a history of asking celebrities for money to help with the kid's cancer treatments. Which, you know, sad thing the boy had cancer, but when kids in my hometown were sick we put on a play or did a steak fry to raise money. We didn't call up the cast of Providence or the Farrelly Brothers to give the kid money.
But Michael Jackson is a nutter. Any parent who allows their kid near him is a fool. Maybe he's a really nice guy-- I don't know. But a lot of really nice guys (ie, priests) have really bad predilections. I think Michael Jackson, despite his large wealth of money and talent, has lived a pretty sad life. His father isn't the nicest guy around, he grew up hugely famous and he's slid into irrelevance. All Michael Jackson has known for his entire life is fame and accolades, and now that he's not getting that it must have messed him up.
I'm just glad this trial didn't go on for a painfully long time like OJ did. It happened fairly quickly and I'm glad it's over. Hopefully Jackson will stay away from little kids for a while so we can live in peace. Or, maybe he could make a good album that will save us from the pop music doldrums.

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