Monday, June 06, 2005


Oh, Lindsay.
Lindsay Lohan, once my favorite kiddie actress (the Olsen who?) is now a sad shell of her former self, both literally and figuratively. Look at this:
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And look at this:
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Girl needs to eat a damn sandwich. I know the fine ladies over at Go Fug Yourself have been on her and those Olsen girls to eat, but the obsession with Hollywood worshipping malnourished women is disturbing and needs more voices to the chorus. Lindsay Lohan is a naturally beautiful woman. She's got amazing red hair and curves in the right places. She's got a great smile and, up until recently, didn't look like a walking famine like her friends Nicole and Paris. Her face looks hideous and pointy as it is now-- she looks way better with her round face. Jeans don't look good on stick-figure women (nor do red dresses, apparently) because an ass is necessary to carry them off. I can only hope Lindsay's mother gets some time off from avoiding her stalkerish ex-husband to smack some sense into her daughter. Mother Lohan, do it gently so you don't break anything.
And, Lindsay, the paparazzi will think you're an easy target if you're too weak to run away. Jesus.

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