Tuesday, June 07, 2005

::slaps forehead::

This is the best you could do, Democrats?
Jesus, I know you were all higher than John Lennon at Bob Dylan's house in Amsterdam during the '60s, but the best you could do was run a candidate whose grades were even worse than Dubya's? A man who cannot pronounce "nuclear?" A man who nearly killed himself with a pretzel? A man who was becoming an alcoholic crack fiend while at Yale? Kerry got worse grades than that clown? Kreeeist.
I know it's not feasible, but isn't Hillary looking better and better by the day? If you're going to run an indecisive guy who nearly failed Political Science, you may as well run someone with brains who has the unfortunate circumstance of having a cooter. God knows grades aren't everything, but, come on. If I'd graduated from college with a 76 average, my mother would have kicked my ass. Hillary's mom probably would have too.

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